Legal & Compliance Services as well as Regulatory & Internal Investigations, with added value for our customers

Lexperience AG is an independent law firm with headquarters in Zurich, which specializes in advising and supporting in legal and compliance matters, predominantly for financial services companies. The activity of Lexperience in the legal and compliance area includes in addition to conducting regulatory and internal investigations and administrative investigations legal and compliance advisory services as well as development, leadership and execution of projects. Furthermore Lexperience performs risk analysis and supports the relevant functions at our clients.

Nadine Balkanyi-Nordmann, a 49 year-old Swiss citizen, is the founder of Lexperience. She is a Swiss Attorney at Law who holds a Master Degree from the University of Hong Kong with focus areas Chinese Law and International Financial Regulations, as well as a certification as International Arbitrator. She was a Member of UBS' Executive Committee Wealth Management Europe and was as General Counsel and Managing Director responsible for the European Legal and Compliance Departments of UBS's Wealth Management Division. Previously she was the Chief Compliance and Fraud Prevention Officer of GE Capital Bank in Switzerland as Member of the Bank's Senior Management Team and led Global Legal & Compliance Insurance for GE Money in Stamford, Connecticut. She previously worked at BNP Paribas in Hong Kong.

All employees of Lexperience have a successful career track record in legal, compliance, or audit within financial services and are fully familiar with the complexities that our clients face.